Ethan J Perry & The Remedy Band are a Seattle based band. They self describe their music as Americana Indie Technicolor Jazz. Jaimie Hawkins, an independent music reviewer, said of their music, “[it’s like] riding a horse through a desert in space.” And Rachael Perrell of the Levee Breaking writes, “it’s honest… It’s the super long drive home to visit, remembering the dog you grew up with, and maybe even quietly missing a long put out relationship.”

Currently, the core of Ethan J Perry & The Remedy Band is comprised of Sam Kuniholm on drums, Julian Stocking on bass, with other instrumentalists joining in often on mandolin, pedal steel, keyboards, and other instruments. Ethan heads the band on guitar and vocals.

Ethan J Perry has released two albums, The Bohemian Bitch & Other Songs From Poets Row, his debut album, in 2009, and Night Lights, in 2010.

Ethan J Perry & The Remedy Band recently released their debut album, Sundial, which is receiving critical acclaim and national attention, including airplay on KEXP (international reach out of Seattle), and The Elmore writes,

“Sundial is steeped in a true, old-school Americana sound, though the band prefers a more catch all genre designation, proudly labeling themselves ‘Americana Indie Technicolor Jazz.’ The lush twang of guitars and delicate pluck of mandolin usher in the album with ‘May The Sun (Come Ever Shining),’ though the record indeed reels through a kaleidoscope of influences and instrumental stylings.”

When not on the road, Ethan J Perry & The Remedy Band, are in the studio working on new recordings. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!

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